8000and1 is a sports content company. The company operates in all the traditional long and short form areas of media production within the sporting world. Coupled with the growing social broadcast medium of Instagram and TikTok in particular. Our team has produced at the very highest level, from feature length documentaries to cutting edge TVC’s. One of our missions at 8000and1 is to encourage and nurture production talent from all underrepresented groups.

According to the Polish edition of the 2003 Encyclopaedia of Sport, there are over 8000 different sports across the world.

If you have a script, board, treatment or idea and it involves any of those 8000+ sports then drop us a mail and we can help. We operate globally, with production hubs in all major continents. Between us, we’ve been writing, producing and directing sport for every screen for the last twenty years and understand the very specialised complexities of shooting it. From working in very time sensitive environments to dealing with superstar global talent, we’ve learnt a lot and bring all that knowledge and expertise to collaborate and help you get the best out of your ideas. 

Clients we have worked with: